Update from Chair, Rachel Rimmer

European Reference Network, RITA and RIPAG 2020

I am back from the Netherlands!

- We say goodbye to Peter from Vasculitis, Holland and say hello to Merinke Lenters.

- Leire Solis stepped down as Chair of the working groups.

- Congratulations to Malena becoming the next Chair of the working groups who was previously the Vice - Chair.

- I became the Vice - Chair of the working groups as well as a respresentative in the Transition working group.

- Congratulations to Diana Marinello who is the new RIPAG representative of the ePAG transversal Steering Committee

The new coordinator of the ERN, RITA is Professor Nico Wulfraat, from Utrecht, Netherlands.

We look forward to working with world leading specialists across Europe, through 11 working groups:

  1. Education

  2. Clinical Guidelines

  3. Research

  4. Registries / Biobanks

  5. Molecular Testing

  6. IT / e-health

  7. Stem Cell and Gene Therapy

  8. Transition Paediatric - Adult Care

  9. Pharmacovigilance / Biological Therapies

  10. Patient Organisations

  11. Communication

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